When cycling, I usually carry a wallet in my panniers - it's always good that in an emergency there is something identifying. I do sometimes wonder if it'd be found, sitting in the bag. Inevitably it'll be bedded down in there to avoid the wallet falling out. BikeNoob's post today prompted me to get RoadID. This is a wristband (or ankleband etc) which carries important contact information. It's a nice implementation of an old idea. I've bought two, one for me, and one for MrsMurk.

The 'interactive' ID has a phone number which a rescuer can ring for up to date (and editable) information. The basic ID has the info printed right on the tag (but the info may go out of date). The interactive service has the downside of needing an extra step from the rescuer, but the advantage of being always up-to-date.

As the interactive service is US based, it's not ideal for me - so I've gone non-interactive. UK phone numbers are promised soon (and I hope the text makes clear how to ring the number if not in the UK).

Perhaps in the future I'll adopt a two-tag system. Ideally they would produce a wrist band that could accept two tags, allowing both immediate and detailed (ID Interactive) information to be available?

The RoadID should be dispatched on Monday.

(Note, this functionality is useful, but it's not an argument for ID cards - these are 'opt in' and carry essential info only)

Note: For the next 30 days, you can get a dollar off by quoting the code: ThanksMark376718