The Cold War is Back?

Following the Alex Litivenko murder, it appears that we never left the Cold War, with allegations of MI6 and KGB involvement in a murder, claim and counter-claim, with intrigue and mystery. All the stuff of a good Le Carré novel.

I'd be surprised if someone wasn't already working on a screenplay or novelization. A thought that's depressing as it follows an actual murder.

(Update: Now there's talk of missiles. Lovely - Murk)

U2 Spy Plane

Breaking News: A U2 spyplane has crashed somewhere in 'South West Asia'. In US military-speak this apparently means 'The Middle East'. The details aren't being released due to what's called 'Host Nation Sensitivities'. This seems to imply that the host nation invited the U2 into their airspace. So candidates could include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or even Iran. I don't think China is a likely candidate as they'd make a big fuss about the issue - unless of course China are willing to keep quiet because they would have to make a fuss, and don't want things to escalate.

Looking back, Gary Powers crashed a U2 in Russia in May 1960 and was sentenced on 19th August 1960

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It has been reported today that the UK is having to redeploy personnel in Croatia after they were 'outed' as Spies in the local media. (Registration may be required, but you might see 'Bugmenot' or the Plugin for Firefox. Four men were named in an article in a Croation magazine. Articles from the magazine are translated into English and placed on the NATO website. They were there for a month before the Telegraph newspaper notified the government of the blunder.

In the states at the moment, there is spying of a different nature. Churches have been using the pulpit as a replacement for the political stump. There will be 'monitors' in the churches to check that this won't be happening.