Eric Bana


Last week we took ourselves off to see Troy.

The funny thing about this film is the number of typos I've had when talking about it. It has been typed as Troiy, Trot, Tory, Tyor and so on. I find it weird how one word can produce quite so many typos. Perhaps it's purely as it's a word I rarely have had cause to use?

The general impressions are that it was an enjoyable film, though there was a sense of 'oh, another epic battle'. In many ways they overdid the number of people involved. Yes, it's the 'face that launched a thousand ships', but does this give hundreds of thousands of soldiers?

Initially, I was pleased that Orlando Bloom did not seem to have the hero role - there is a scene where he fights a greek hero mano-a-mano, and his reaction is wonderful. However, by the time the film really gets going he is in the thick of things wielding..... a bow and arrow.

Eric Bana is good as Hector, and to my eyes outshone the Brad Pitt role as Achilles, though the first time we see Achilles in a fight it is very impressive.

I haven't personally read The Illiad or The Odyssey, and so cannot comment upon the match with Homer (no, not THAT Homer) - but I did enjoy the film.

As one might expect, the release of the film has meant that there are many other items being produced about Troy at the moment, including Troy: The Myth and Reality behind the World's Epic Legend, The War at Troy, Troy, the True Story, Helen of Troy and Troy: A Documentary