Ciak's at Murky's Place

(Nb: This is an old post - as I update I'm no longer selling these on ebay) At Murky's Place, I am almost out of Black Ciak diaries. There's one in the bargain bucket being auctioned, and two more on fixed price (at time of writing). I have three green and ochre left, four red and six blue.

I'm packing these books daily, and so far everyone who has taken one from me has been pleased with them.

It may be time to reorder soon - though I'm considering looking at running moleskine alongside. I wonder what'd be the best items from the moleskine range to start? Possibly pocketbooks and regular books (plain? lined? checked?) - what about sketchbooks? What about the reporter range? I know I'll avoid cahier (the old 'If I don't sell it, will I use it?' conundrum). I'll need to put in extra cash to run ciak and moleskine side by side, should I do this? Possibly, yes.

Decisions, decisions.

Ciak - the next generation

Ciak notebooksMy first batch of Ciak Journals are all now on their way to (or have arrived at) their new owners. The second batch is about to be bought, and the third batch has just been placed on ebay. I do hope that people like these things as much as I do, if they don't then I won't need to buy a notebook for a while! I really must get around to writing up the 'pocket sized' version - I only have eight of these in total, and one has already been spoken for!

Ciak Journals

Ciak notebooksI've mentioned before on this site that I have a great fondness for Ciak Journals. Ciaks are nice little journals and suit me well, I use a moleskine for my sketching and a ciak for my writing - a notebook is such a personal thing. The Ciak has just the right size and weight for me.

To cut a long story short, I found it hard to obtain Ciaks in the UK. So I've sourced them from Florence where they're made. The minimum order was larger than I need to my person use, so I was in a quandary. The solution was should now be obvious, make the order and hope that someone else likes Ciaks too. I've just put the first batch up on Ebay. [Edit: 7th Sept 2005: Another batch is now up.]

If you want a decent notebook you can do a lot worse!