Six Nations 2008

So, Everyone gets something... Wales get the Grand Slam, the championship and Bragging Rights (as do Wasps, as Wales did it with Warren and Shaun)

England get second place, and the Millennium Trophy for beating Ireland today (I was there). We also got to see Danny Cipriani's first game, and he was good - as Wasps knew he would... be.

France get the Giuseppe Garibaldi trophy for beating Italy (can all Italy games have a trophy at stake, please? That seems like an easy option to get a trophy in the short term... unless you're Scottish)

Ireland get the Centenary Quaich trophy for beating Scotland.

Scotland get the Calcutta Cup for beating England (in a game that caused me to fall asleep - but well done to Scotland)

Italy get a wooden spoon.

Nobody gets whitewash.

Everyone has something... and Italy can use their trophy for making nice meals. Bonus.

Pencil Sketch - my mug!

Pencil sketch of the mug on my deskToday I did a few things, among them a test of how the watercolour pencils fair when drawing on wet paper (not too well with moleskine paper, I'll try again with proper watercolour paper, when I get it). I also did a tonal chart, which was quite worthwhile. I think that on the moleskine paper, if I am to add water it will be once the pencil is on the paper. In addition I tried a straight graphite drawing using a 2B pencil. To prevent smudging this has been treated with fixative spray.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it given my complete lack of training and practice. The shape isn't quite right, it's too narrow at the base - and the odd sheen eluded me. The lid area is not quite as I hoped, but this area was pretty tricky has it was all curve.

I went into the art shop again, I got a small stick of charcoal and will be experimenting a little with that. I don't know what I'll get along with, so I'll try a little bit of several things and see.