Canadian Grand Prix 2007

Breaking News: I'd settled in to watch the Canadian Grand Prix. All was going well, that Lewis Hamilton chap is a bit good... and then Kubica has a huge collision with the wall dividing the two sides of a hairpin turn. It was a huge collision, one of the worst I've seen in a while.

As I write, there is no news as to his wellbeing.

There is a video on youtube showing Kubica larking about.

Update (Lap 30): He is now out of his car, there is still no news as to his condition.

Update (Lap 36): Kubica is 'stable'.

Shortly after learning this, we have the spectacle of Rosberg and Trulli appearing to clash, but no - they both lost it on the same corner, and pirouetted across the track, never making contact with each other. I'd like to see that on youtube!

Update (Lap 43): According to the BBC, 'Kubica's manager says he has spoken to the BMW Sauber driver and he appears to be fine - a huge relief after such a massive accident. The Pole has been taken to Montreal general hospital for further check-ups.'

Update: Wonderduck has some pictures of the Kubica crash via The English Guy. There are also photos on the F1 page, images 4 to 6 - I think the most terrifying one of the crash itself is number 5, but number six showing Liluzzi's point of view has it's own horror; Imagine being Liluzzi...

Update: Video of the crash, I'm amazed that the chap only got a broken leg.

U2 Spy Plane

Breaking News: A U2 spyplane has crashed somewhere in 'South West Asia'. In US military-speak this apparently means 'The Middle East'. The details aren't being released due to what's called 'Host Nation Sensitivities'. This seems to imply that the host nation invited the U2 into their airspace. So candidates could include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or even Iran. I don't think China is a likely candidate as they'd make a big fuss about the issue - unless of course China are willing to keep quiet because they would have to make a fuss, and don't want things to escalate.

Looking back, Gary Powers crashed a U2 in Russia in May 1960 and was sentenced on 19th August 1960

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