Joey Tri-bee-ani

How you doin'? This is my first attempt at a little comic/one panel cartoon. It's a doodle that I've drawn a few times now, and I thought I'd use it as a practice run.

This was done by drawing the image on paper. Scanning it and making a layer of the black and white lines. Adding colour on a layer behind the black lines, then dropping a photo behind that.

Comments are most welcome.


Today's 'User Friendly' is spot on, commenting about a trend in our society that 'natural=healthy'. I've written about this before. Whilst I'm keen to avoid E numbers and all sorts of unneccesary things like that, I'm not naïve enough to assume that 'something with a chemical name is bad' or that 'if it didn't grow from the ground it is bad'. I might cite dihydrogen monoxide as a counter-example in the first case, and deadly nightshade in the second.

Well done, UF. 'Go hug a shark' is officially my favourite phrase of the day (though it wasn't used in that form in the strip).

Of course, dihydrogen monoxide does have some problems... it's a chemical found in virtually all tumours for a start.

Cranked and Yehuda Moon

Cranked has a nice interview with the creator of Yehuda Moon. Worth a read. The article is packed full of nice links, such as this one to the Dutch Bicycle Company (is there a UK equivalent?) and the Rivendell Reader, produced by the Rivendell Bicycle Works (again in the US)

Another interview is here, this time with photos of the proofs of the printed Yehuda. I stumbled upon these searching for an explanation of the 'Lauterbrunnental Leaflet'

I do like Yehuda Moon - it's only been going a few months, and I discovered it pretty early on, so it feels like I'm in at the ground floor. I'd love to see Yehuda Moon reprinted in CTC's magazine... One thing Yehuda Moon is missing, from my point of view, is an accompanying text based blog, which could look at some stories which inspire the strips (or just linking to new bits of kit or things mentioned in the strip - and it'd be nice to be able to see trackbacks and comments for a strip).

I will probably get a copy of the printed version, if it's not prohibitively expensive in the UK. I'd really like to see a Yehuda Moon cycling top...

Another cycling site I read in google reader is The Fat Cyclist. Their tops are nice, but the branding is a little too close to home for me to wear without irony! I'd get car drivers shouting 'Yep, we know!'.

It was through the Fat Cyclist site that I learned of the Utah Tour de Donut - it's probably for the best that this isn't a UK event! - though the Utah event isn't unique, there have been events in Illinois since at least 1995 so who knows? Maybe someone will organise an event in the UK... or maybe it'd be better for me if they didn't!

My 'cycling' category in reader is getting rather full right now... I subscribe to RSS feeds of the following sites (though admittedly some haven't had an update in a while, and some would be removed if they were updated more often):

  1. Bike Noob.
  2. Cranked Magazine.
  3. Fat Cyclist.
  4. Foldable Walter.
  5. Jim Langley's Bicycle Beat.
  6. Kent's Bike Blog.
  7. Love the Fold!
  8. Rivendell News.
  10. SurlyBlog.
  11. The Cycling Dude.
  12. The Daily Randonneur.
  13. Vik's Tikit to Ride.
  14. Wheelism.
  15. Yehuda Moon.

I hope that you find some interest in these links - to be honest, I find some of them fascinating, not least of which is the ability to provide regular content in quite a narrow field! Vik's Tikit to Ride is a prime example of this, focussing as it does on one particular bike.

Oh no... this is getting out of control. I've just added one more to the list.... Vik's Big Dummy.

On another cycling related note; as I posted earlier, I'm doing the London Bike-a-thon this summer, and am raising cash for Leukaemia research on the way. Please do try and support me, every little helps!