Cold War

The Cold War is Back?

Following the Alex Litivenko murder, it appears that we never left the Cold War, with allegations of MI6 and KGB involvement in a murder, claim and counter-claim, with intrigue and mystery. All the stuff of a good Le Carré novel.

I'd be surprised if someone wasn't already working on a screenplay or novelization. A thought that's depressing as it follows an actual murder.

(Update: Now there's talk of missiles. Lovely - Murk)

Berlin Wall

It was 15 years ago today that the Berlin Wall fell. For months, the eastern block countries had eased travel restrictions, and hungary was taking in many east german refugees. On the 4th November, 1989, a pro democracy rally forced the resignation of the East German government. On the 9th thousands turned up at the Berlin Wall demanding to be allowed to pass. The border guards stood back as people flooded through, and people began to pull the wall down in celebration.

In less than a year, Germany was reunited.

I well remember these momentous events. At the time I had just started my A Levels, and amongst ourselves there was uncertainty about what would happen - we had a fear that the troops would start shooting, only ever having known the 'Iron Curtain'. Fortunately we were wrong, and it's one of my regrets that I didn't just jump on a plane and get myself over there. I was probably too young though, 16 going on 17.