Having watched the phenomenal match between Bath and Wasps in the pub, we walked to the local cinema to see 'Cloverfield'. This film has been out for a little while, but this was our first chance to see it. (Spoilers may follow) We liked it, a lot. The camera work is a little unsettling due to its 'handheld' nature - there was a sign on the cinema door about motion sickness - but we got past this pretty quickly. The film itself was very good, and though there was no real plot (a monster destroys New York for no apparent reason) this didn't matter, the film was about the reactions of people on the ground to events that are too big for them to truly grasp.

It's also got a really downbeat ending. Which we liked - people who like resolution probably should avoid the film.

There were a few things I wasn't keen on - for example, Beth goes from being impaled to being able to run run about after a chopper crash. Also, the protaganists all (briefly) survived a chopper crash, from above skyscraper height - but the pilots do not. I'd have been happier if the cameraman had died at this point, but the pilot had survived, with the main guy grabbing the camera over Beth's protestations because Hog (or whatever his name was) would have wanted it that way.... the pilot could have then been asked to 'hold the camera' for a minute to allow the main guy to do some task - and the end of the film could have been unchanged. It just seemed too 'neat' for the three civvies to survive that crash.

Minor gripes though. The main thing was pretty good.

I wouldn't want to see a sequel. I really wouldn't. However, it might be interesting to see a parallel - a film showing the 'other' side of the day's events - i.e. the conventional side. It'd answer questions like 'where did the beast come from', 'what happened to NY afterwards' and so on - it could follow some of the military characters and intersect with the events shown in Cloverfield....

... though I'm not sure about even that much - I know I don't want a 'sequel' - so I think a 'parallel' is about the only thing I'd want to see.