Tonal Chart

tonal chartThis is the tonal chart which I did today. The squiggles to the right are an experiment where I dipped the pencil point into some water before drawing. Now that it has dried, I can't see much difference! I also did a test where I drew onto wet paper, this dried leaving a sort of discoloured area around the pencil line. On moleskine paper this effect doesn't seem to work that well.

Soon I shall try to use the pencils properly, but when I do it'll be dry, or wet on dry - possibly wet point. I certainly won't be doing dry on wet.

Colour Chart

Colour ChartI had my first real play with my new watercolour pencils today. Rather than launch straight in I spent some time making a colour chart, I wanted to get a feel for how they mixed. I only have 12 colours, so I made a grid and put a dash of each colour in each square (yes, this'd give duplication, but so what?). I then applied water to wach blob and blended a little.

I discovered that I got the nicest effect if one did not over-blend, as the result dried a little messily, if one went with the pencil the effect was quite pleasant.

My next test will be a black and white ink drawing with water applied, I think, I want to find a suitable subject and some time first.

I'm using Derwent Watercolour pencils in a large moleskine sketchbook.