More Hurst Castle Photos

Lighthouse near Hurst CastleI've uploaded and tagged the rest of my Hurst Castle pictures. Keyhaven is a small town just south of the New Forest. There is a spit which reaches out into the Solent, toward the Isle of Wight. At the end of the Spit the Tudors built Hurst Castle. There is also a Lighthouse.

The Victorians later reinforced the castle as a defensive measure against the French. The castle was also used to guard the Solent during the second world war.

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Hurst Castle

Hurst CastleToday we drove down to a place on the Solent called Keyhaven. Keyhaven is a small place, but is absolutely wonderful. It's at the west end of the Solent and there is a spit which goes out almost half the way to the Isle of Wight. At the end of the spit is Hurst Castle, which was built by Henry VIII and modernised in the 19th century. It was part of our defences in WW2.

More photos will appear on Flickr soon (but not today).

The above image was made from three seperate images using a nice program called autostitch.

Watercolour Castles

Guildford CastleAfter work today I walked down to the local old building, a castle, and sketched it. I'd just acquired a 'field kit' of watercolour paints and was eager to try them out - I have only used watercolour a few times in the past - and have not used them for a decade or so (though I have used watercolour pencils).

As I haven't posted a picture in a little while, allow me to say that I'm not claiming these are any good - I'm trying to teach myself how to draw things - and I am posting them to hopefully show progress over time.