Life imitates 'art'. In a story reminiscent of 'The Cassandra Crossing' a train in Canada has been placed under quarantine after one passenger died and several others reported 'flu-like symptoms'.

The authorities say they do not believe there is a connection between the death and the illnesses.

That's a statement which doesn't hold true. It would be more credible to say 'we don't believe there is a connection, but we are investigating the possibility on the precautionary principle'.

Update: The semantic issues above aside, the train has been given the all-clear.

Canadian Grand Prix 2007

Breaking News: I'd settled in to watch the Canadian Grand Prix. All was going well, that Lewis Hamilton chap is a bit good... and then Kubica has a huge collision with the wall dividing the two sides of a hairpin turn. It was a huge collision, one of the worst I've seen in a while.

As I write, there is no news as to his wellbeing.

There is a video on youtube showing Kubica larking about.

Update (Lap 30): He is now out of his car, there is still no news as to his condition.

Update (Lap 36): Kubica is 'stable'.

Shortly after learning this, we have the spectacle of Rosberg and Trulli appearing to clash, but no - they both lost it on the same corner, and pirouetted across the track, never making contact with each other. I'd like to see that on youtube!

Update (Lap 43): According to the BBC, 'Kubica's manager says he has spoken to the BMW Sauber driver and he appears to be fine - a huge relief after such a massive accident. The Pole has been taken to Montreal general hospital for further check-ups.'

Update: Wonderduck has some pictures of the Kubica crash via The English Guy. There are also photos on the F1 page, images 4 to 6 - I think the most terrifying one of the crash itself is number 5, but number six showing Liluzzi's point of view has it's own horror; Imagine being Liluzzi...

Update: Video of the crash, I'm amazed that the chap only got a broken leg.

Churchill Cup

The Churchill Cup is coming to England this year, with all the teams at Twickenham on the final day. It should be a real spectacle. The dates are as follows:

England Saxons v. USA at Edgeley Park (Sale) on Friday 18th May (19.45 kick off) Ticket Office: 08712 220 120

Ireland A v. Canada at Sandy Park (Exeter) on Saturday 19th May (20.00 kick off) Ticket Office: 01392 890890

Scotland A v. USA at Henley RFC on Wednesday 23rd May (18.00 kick off) Ticket Office: 01491 574499

New Zealand Maori v. Canada at Franklin's Gardens (Northampton) on Friday 25th May (20.00 kick off) Ticket Office: 01604 581 000

New Zealand Maori v. Ireland A at Sandy Park (Exeter) on Tuesday 29th May (20.00 kick off) Ticket Office: 01392 890890

England Saxons v. Scotland A at Twickenham Stadium on Monday 28th May (15.00 kick off) Ticketmaster: 0870 902 0000

Barclays Churchill Cup Finals Day at Twickenham Stadium (all six teams, kick offs TBA) on Saturday 2nd June Ticketmaster: 0870 902 0000

Nothing to say here....

I've hit a dry spot. It's odd, after lots of posts about everything from ID Cards to electoral reform; from OU courses to movies; from Coffee shops to Ciak; I've written letters, and sometimes have even got replies.

I feel all posted out!

It's not as if there is nothing to talk about. ID Cards - Song: (audio alert) and Voting Reform are ongoing issues, there's also draconian restrictions on protesting.

Now, as of right now, I want to write something, but nothing is screaming 'write me' at me - though lord knows that there are things that are happening in the world that demand attention.

Guantanamo is still out there, and Geldof being silly over ticket reselling (just how is someone selling on a ticket that they can't use undermining the cause, Bob? - it's not as if touts got hold of the tickets in bulk preventing the punter from getting them, in that case I'd agree with you!)

There's Donald Rumsfeld giving interviews. This quote made me laugh in it's apparent naivety: "certainly my hope and prayer would be that any employee of this department who sees something illegal or wrong or improper would report it to the Department of Justice or the proper authorities." (Donald Rumsfeld on Deep Throat). In the case of the US president, this seems rather foolish.

There's arguments in the EU (for the record, Tony's got the right line here - one can't debate the rebate without looking at other aspects of EU funding such as the CAP), and armed men have just raided a Cambodian School.

There's Anthrax in Orissa, and plans to pump Carbon Dioxide into the depleted oil and gas reserves under the North Sea

There's the Human Cannonball, fired through fear of flying and HMV in Canada boycotting Alanis Morrissette. There's also Michael Jackson looking like he might sue Martin Bashir, but as with all things Jackson this holds little interest.

So much going on in the world, and yet I can't seem to get my act together to come up with a post for the website. I can't just do a plug for my Ebay Store, can I?

I could write a little about Cryptography, given the pages I've just moved into the main site, but I'd like to do some behind the scenes work first.

What am I to do?

What's that you say?

.... ah, right. I see your point. I'll just click 'save' now then, shall I?

(The gist of the article above re: inspiration, is semi-serious. Any comments, even if by email rather than the comment form, are gratefully received)