Benetton Treviso

London Wasps vs. Benetton Treviso (Heineken Cup)

I went to see a third round Heineken Cup game today. I couldn't have picked a better game, really. Wasps had been third in the group, but Perpignan obligingly lost to Castres Olympique earlier this week - that meant if Wasps could beat Benetton Treviso, and score four tries, we would be on top of the group.

We did this, and some!

Dallaglio,  after Wasps beat Benetton Treviso 55-0 in the Heineken Cup It was a miserable day of it, it was chucking it down with rain, but there seemed to be no stopping the Wasps - it was try, after try, after try.

Paul Sackey had a few good runs, Rees, Lewsey and Voyce each scored twice. There were a few times when I thought that they weren't using the full width (Sackey had a clear run more than once, but the ball never found him!) There were a few missed chances, and one in particular over on the Frank Adams side of the field, when three unopposed Wasps players had only to fall onto the ball, but instead it hit Voyce's leg and went dead. That's all seems rather churlish though with a 55-0 scoreline.

There was a nice moment that happened virtually in front of me, (to the lleft a bit), where Tom Voyce was hemmed in by Benetton players with nowhere to go - so he hurled the ball at a Benetton player's gut, and it bounced into touch. Nice. Risky, but nice.

We've only sat in the Frank Adams stand before, this time I was in the BCUC (very close to the players' tunnel) - the position along the pitch was equivalent, and I was closer to the pitch (which I liked) - but lower (which was less good, especially when the play was on the far side. On the whole, I think they seats were good, though the Frank Adams stand is slightly better sheltered.

The table now stands as follows:

  Team P W D L F A BP PTS
1 Wasps 3 2 0 1 86 32 2 10
2 Castres 3 2 0 1 90 69 2 10
3 Perpignan 3 2 0 1 72 58 1 9
4 Treviso 3 0 0 3 32 121 0 0