Baroness Amos

Baroness Amos 'replies' - Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

I've had my first reply from a member of the Lords regarding my letter about the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

Unfortunately it's the classic 'non-reply reply'. Also, it's not from the member themselves, Baroness Amos in this case, but a flunky.

I now expect a bland letter from the appropriate ministry.

Baroness Amos LetterHead

6 March 2006

Dear *****

Thank you for your letter of 25 February 2006 to Baroness Amos. She has asked me to reply.

She has noted your concerns about several bills which are progressing through Parliament, the issues you raise are not the responsibility of the Leader of the House of Lords therefore your letter is being sent to the Home Office and the Cabinet Office for a helpful reply.

Yours sincerely


Support Officer to the Leader of the House of Lords

A helpful reply would have been 'Yes, I'm aware of all these things and I do/do not support them, and will/will not oppose them'. Instead I'll get a justification from the various ministries trying to push these things through.