Babylon 5

New Babylon 5 Trailer

There is a trailer for the New Babylon 5 direct to DVD movie online right now. It looks good, though it's a shame that all of the sets are now CGI (save for a corridor door). Still, to remake all the sets would have meant amplifying the cost to an extent that it wouldn't have got made - and that's a price worth paying.

Andreas Katsulas will be missed though.

Babylon 5

I've just been really naughty, and have ordered Babylon 5: The Complete Universe Anyone want to make an offer on the VHS versions? They're pretty good... the Films, all five seasons of B5 itself and Crusade...?

B5 was a five season story, with 'arc', i.e. seeds were laid in season 1 that looked innocent at the time, but bore fruit in season 4. Indeed, season 1 looked fairly 'traditional' SciFi. However, as the show went on it grew, covering all sorts of themes - and characters were not drawn in simple black and white terms.

Oh, and the French woman from 'Lost' is in it (Mira Furlan).

Andreas Katsulas

G'kar, played by Andreas KatsulasAndreas Katsulas, the actor who played both G'kar in the wonderful Babylon 5, as well as the One Armed Man in 'The Fugitive' film has died. He died on Monday of Lung Cancer.

For those unfamiliar with the above references, Katsulas was one of the defining characters in Babylon 5. B5 started off looking pretty ordinary, even cheesy - however it began to layer it's plot and a story arc became visible - by the middle of season3 and 4 it was really firing on all cylinders.

Katsulas' character underwent one of the biggest transformations, from simply an aggressive and domineering type, to a leader of an oppressed people, through to a man of peace and a religious icon.

B5's story arc undergoes a similar big transformation (the president Clarke storyline is one of the best in my view). Season 5 of B5 is perhaps a bit weak - but the show was almost cancelled with season 4 and so they have to bring some things forward to make it work.

Andreas Katsulas 18th May 1946 - 13th February 2006