Avenue Q

Avenue Q

Before Curtain up at Avenue QMonica outside the theatre where we saw Avenue QToday we finally got to see Avenue Q in London. I've been looking forward to it for some time. Quite simply, the show is excellent, absolutely wonderful. It's pure class from the start. Nicky was my favourite character, rather reminiscent of Ernie from Sesame Street. The cast were well practiced, very slick. The puppets were handled well, with some cast dealing with several characters (and as a result the puppets were not always handled by the same puppeteer). Sometimes the puppets changed puppeteer mid scene - and we didn't notice until long after the handoff when the original puppeteer walked in with the new character.

I made this sketch to commemorate seeing Avenue Q in London, a fantastic show.

This show is one that I can't recommend highly enough. I had high expectations of it given that it won Tonys on Broadway, and it surpassed them.

Significant contributions have been made to theatre by people of fur...

Future adventures in the West End: Stomp - Footloose - The Bolshoi Ballet.

Update:Avenue Q en français

Update: Footloose will feature David Essex. Your love light shining... Every cloud's got a silver uh-lining......

Avenue Q approacheth.

I got my Avenue Q cast album CD today. It's roughly a fortnight until we see the show in London, and I'm quite looking forward to it.

Avenue Q got a mention on BBC's 'Breakfast' the other day. That was quite a surprise. Here's the BBC report.

A quick search reveals that it'll be discussed on the BBC 'Culture Show' on the 10th June, at 8:20pm, BBC2 (with a repeat in the early hours).

Found on Google Video: 'I wish I could go back to College', and 'It Sucks to be Me' (from the Tony Awards)

Geocaching in London

Yesterday I went into London and had a go at some geocaching. By the end of the day I must have walked some 18km (when I finished caching I turned off the GPS, but still had some walking to do). I got 13 geocaches, with a couple of 'did not finds'. That brings me up to 65 caches overall.

Caching in London is a whole new thing, a lot of the caches have to be really well hidden so they're not discovered by people not hunting for them - there are some really ingenious hiding spots (e.g. one of the main bridges near Waterloo station has a cache right in the centre of it (the centre of river, not the centre of road).

A few times I thought 'If anyone sees me, I'm going to get reported as a KGB agent!' - as to find a cache involved retrieving a hidden item, writing something in it, and then rehiding the item. This is something like a 'dead letter drop'.

On my rounds, I popped into the Novello theatre to get tickets to see 'Footloose', and also the Royal Opera House - we're off to see the Bolshoi ballet. Add to this Avenue Q, which I'm really excited about, Stomp and Guilfest - it'll be a packed summer.

When I finished caching, I met up with Monica at the British Museum, I'm a friend of the museum and so it didn't cost us anything extra to get into the Michelangelo exhibition, the exhibition will remain until the 25th June.

Before I sign off, here are some Avenue Q links, the music used in these links is a song from the show. The Avenue Q soundtrack, and other goodies, are available in the UK from Amazon.