Gormley Statues

Last week, when we went to see Evita (which didn't live up to the hype for us - it's now closed) we saw the Gormley statues in the area of the Hayward's Gallery Anthony Gormley Statues

These are dotted about on the rooftops, on both banks of the Thames. It's a little creepy, and I'm sure that they must have asked permission of the police (lots of phone calls from people who've only seen the one about attempted suicides!)

On the way home from the Blue Man Group I spotted another statue on Waterloo Bridge, standing on the pavement.

Anthony Gormley statue on Waterloo Bridge

I know it's not a big deal for people who see it all the time (e.g. Da Wife) - but I thought it was quite cool, so took a photo - which I present here for your amusement.

Trafalgar Square

Green Trafalgar Last night we went to see 'Evita' at the Adelphi in London. I walked in via Trafalgar Square, and found that it had been turfed over.

Unfortunately, as I arrived they were taking the turf up, and so I didn't see the full effect. It did look good, though.

Around Hayward's Gallery, look up. There are statues on the rooftops, people just standing there. I'm sure that permission must have been asked from the police (phone calls from people who only spot the one thinking it's a suicide attempt). The installation is part of an Anthony 'fog in the box' Gormley collection.

Anthony Gormley Statues

Flying Mannequin - Sad Mannequin

Flying MannequinSad Mannequin It's been a little while since I posted any of my doodlings directly on this site. Here is one that I finished literally within the last hour or so. The main figure for both is in ink, and the background of the flying mannequin is acrylic paint.

Unfortunately I only remembered after I started putting the colour in that I was using regular waterbased ink and not noodlers, and so the ink began to run and I had to redraw lots of lines from the figure itself. Ah well, live and learn.

Watercolour Field Kit

My new watercolour field kitThis is my lovely new watercolour field kit which I bought and tested today. It comes in a little box and folds out to reveal a brush, waterbottle, mixing trays and twelve small pans of watercolour. There is also a cup which comes in handy and a thumb loop, so the whole thing can be held on one hand, and that hand is still relatively free to grab things.

A lovely design.

Watercolour Castles

Guildford CastleAfter work today I walked down to the local old building, a castle, and sketched it. I'd just acquired a 'field kit' of watercolour paints and was eager to try them out - I have only used watercolour a few times in the past - and have not used them for a decade or so (though I have used watercolour pencils).

As I haven't posted a picture in a little while, allow me to say that I'm not claiming these are any good - I'm trying to teach myself how to draw things - and I am posting them to hopefully show progress over time.