Nothing to say here....

I've hit a dry spot. It's odd, after lots of posts about everything from ID Cards to electoral reform; from OU courses to movies; from Coffee shops to Ciak; I've written letters, and sometimes have even got replies.

I feel all posted out!

It's not as if there is nothing to talk about. ID Cards - Song: (audio alert) and Voting Reform are ongoing issues, there's also draconian restrictions on protesting.

Now, as of right now, I want to write something, but nothing is screaming 'write me' at me - though lord knows that there are things that are happening in the world that demand attention.

Guantanamo is still out there, and Geldof being silly over ticket reselling (just how is someone selling on a ticket that they can't use undermining the cause, Bob? - it's not as if touts got hold of the tickets in bulk preventing the punter from getting them, in that case I'd agree with you!)

There's Donald Rumsfeld giving interviews. This quote made me laugh in it's apparent naivety: "certainly my hope and prayer would be that any employee of this department who sees something illegal or wrong or improper would report it to the Department of Justice or the proper authorities." (Donald Rumsfeld on Deep Throat). In the case of the US president, this seems rather foolish.

There's arguments in the EU (for the record, Tony's got the right line here - one can't debate the rebate without looking at other aspects of EU funding such as the CAP), and armed men have just raided a Cambodian School.

There's Anthrax in Orissa, and plans to pump Carbon Dioxide into the depleted oil and gas reserves under the North Sea

There's the Human Cannonball, fired through fear of flying and HMV in Canada boycotting Alanis Morrissette. There's also Michael Jackson looking like he might sue Martin Bashir, but as with all things Jackson this holds little interest.

So much going on in the world, and yet I can't seem to get my act together to come up with a post for the website. I can't just do a plug for my Ebay Store, can I?

I could write a little about Cryptography, given the pages I've just moved into the main site, but I'd like to do some behind the scenes work first.

What am I to do?

What's that you say?

.... ah, right. I see your point. I'll just click 'save' now then, shall I?

(The gist of the article above re: inspiration, is semi-serious. Any comments, even if by email rather than the comment form, are gratefully received)