Amazon Annoying

I've recently wanted to buy a couple of xd cards. No problem, on to Amazon, ooh, good price. Add to basket - more than enough to qualify for free delivery. Checkout... click... click 10 quid postage?! For two items the size of postage stamps?

It turns out that I'd clicked on an item supplied by a third party vendor, and with these, unless you go digging, the postage costs can be a bit of a shock (it is possible to find out in advance, but it's several clicks to find out - and you have to know where to look).

I've had third party suppliers through amazon before, but sometimes I'd just like to turn them OFF. If I qualify for supersaver delivery, I'd rather pay the 6 quid and get that extra item with free postage, instead of 5 quid and have to pay a delivery fee.

... and sometimes, I just want to know who I'm dealing with!

I know I can select which vendor to use on amazon, but is there a way to limit searched to particular vendors? e.g. 'Amazon only', or '98%+ vendors' only ... or 'vendors who don't rip off with the postage costs only'

Is there a way to do that?

Hassles with multiple vendors for one batch of items is really putting me off amazon - the 'click to add to basket' has become 'check that you're buying from the same person to add to basket, so that your order isn't liable for multiple extortionate postage costs'

Amazon Annoyances

Last night I made an order on [my wishlist, it's worth a shot!], I didn't need it in a hurry and so merged it with a larger order which is due at the end of september in order to save on the postage costs. I got the "merge done" screen, but not the emails and to be honest I did not give it a second thought, email can take time.

Today I got the "your order has been dispatched" message, with lots of postage charges that I would have avoided with the merge. Ack.

I was going to email amazon today to see if my big order could be split into two medium orders (each above the free postage point), but instead I have had to navigate their "contact us" hierarchy in order to find a box to fill in and open a discussion on this issue with them.

I am not amused.

In related news, Amazon is now blogging, well the web services bit, anyway.

[Edit: 7/9/05 (september, for the middle enders out there), Amazon are refunding the postage, which is good, however I was told that if ordering things from stock then the combine orders may not happen as the item is processed almost immediately. What is the solution in this case? The only thing I can think of is to order an extra item with a delay, combine, then cancel the extra item. This is a bit of a pain, and there should be an easier way, i.e. instead of checking out, you could have the option to combine at that stage.]


Just to help people out who might be struggling to think what we might like... especially in my case as I have a birthday coming up too. We don't want, or need, any 'stuff'. Big/bulky things would probably find their way to the loft - our place is tiny and we've outgrown it. For any multi millionaires out there, a bigger house would be good, realistically that's not likely to happen.

We have the usual amazon wishlists on the go (maintained throughout the year as a handy place to store things for our own reference). My wishlist is here and Monica's is here