I thought it about time that I included some links to the current situation in Iraq. Please note that what follows were interesting links. It is likely that some links will contain propaganda (from both sides) and judgement should be used when interpreting. I make no representations about the accuracy of the links. I will not enter into an email debate on this topic. Firstly, there is the English language Al Jazeera website. My impression of Al Jazeera is that though it caters for the Arabic audience, it has managed a fairly good job of balance, though it is currently frowned upon in some quarters for showing the Iraqi TV pictures of US captives (pictures which I've seen despite not watching AlJazeera). The site was fairly slow to load when I tried it, I did read that there is a possibility that hackers are attempting to mount an attack. There are many western sources of news, the most obvious being the BBC, and CNN.

One of the best sources for general news is Google News. Google searches many news sources throughout the world and uses these to form it's headlines.

In the news at the moment is a lot regarding the Iraqis showing allied prisoners of war (though I seem to recall seeing Iraqi POWs on my TV screen, and there does seem a contradiction at Guantanamo bay). So I looked up the geneva conventions.

I found many articles, the first articles which I stumbled across were rather disturbing, if true, and relates to an alleged serious mistreatment of POWs in Afghanistan. These theme is repeated in many other locations.

A seattle newspaper published an article today regarding the ongoing situation at Guantanamo bay and making reference to the situation in Iraq. The article says that "Bush's call for U.S. prisoners to be treated humanely would command more credibility and wider sympathy if his administration had appeared more amenable to accepting rules that most other civilized countries accept" and that "there were those, in the United States and abroad, with the prescience to warn that America's refusal to recognize their detainees as POWs could rebound in the event that U.S. soldiers were taken prisoner in future". There is a much shorter article on

The US has acknowledged that the Geneva convention applies to members of the Taliban at Guantanamo, but this leaves a large number of people without legal status.

The San Jose News has also written on this topic today.

For the most objective view, the Red Cross (Red Crescent) is the source I would trust. According to the financial times the Red Cross say that both sides in the conflict have flouted the convention. This article at Amnesty International is also worthy of attention. As you may imagine, the red cross has many references on the web, some include the Red Cross/Crescent Museum and the Red Cross itself.

The text of the 1950 Geneva Convention on POWs is online.