A172 Results - the remark

In my recent TMA there was a comment that I'd been docked 2 marks as I'd gone over the limit. I was sure that I hadn't. It turned out that the wordcount was done by the marker AFTER they'd added their comments in word - and so I was about 20% over the limit!

These things happen! Quite speedily I got a return email which essentially said 'Ooops, I'll put it right'.

The net effect is that I'm now at 76% on this TMA (though I haven't yet seen anything official).

Woo, and most definitely, hoo.

Essay Finished!

Following my weekend wibble and my Essay Updates, I am pleased to report that I have a final draft sitting in front of me. Tremendous. I can now brief a sigh of relief, allow myself a moment of congratulation, and then move on to biting my fingernails as it is marked.

I'd essentially finished on Sunday night, but wanted to 'sit on things' for a while. I've polished things a little today, and will take it in to work to re-read when (if) I get a quiet moment.

If all is well, I'll send it in tomorrow.

I'm not tremendously happy with it, but this is probably as its about the Victorians, something which I care little for - and so I'm full of self doubt about the standard of the essay. We shall have to see.

A172 Essay Update

I've now passed the 1000 word mark. I have to pull it all together now. I'm feeling a lot better about things than I did earlier, as I now have something I can hand in - so it won't be a washout.

I'm still not happy though. I don't think it's much good - and will be polishing away manfully at it.

I've come up with a few points that I'm quite pleased with - the language is a bit stilted and will need a major edit - but that comes later, once I've got the shape of the thing in place.

It's never going to be wonderful though - somehow I just cannot get worked up about Victorian Society. Now, if the essay had been about particle physics or the need for cryptography in society....