Last weekend, I went to Rome for a VERY short trip (I was at work on both Friday and Monday). I was going down there to see the Colosseum with a group of other people taking the A103 course, the current section of work is on the Colosseum. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a fantastic structure, it must have been absolutely awe inspiring for people two thousand years ago. I'd love to see some sporting stadium built as a modern replica, that'd be wonderful to see.

Police Line in Rome

During the trip I found myself between a demonstration about Israel/Palestine (not sure which side of this issue the demo was on) and lines of riot police, that was interesting.

I wandered up to the Trevi fountain, the spanish steps and the Vatican during my stay, and had a great meal too.

Nice little trip.

Travelling with no hold luggage is luxury, straight off the plane, through passports and away. Great.