Six Nations 2013 - Week 3

England have been doing well in the six nations, and, though I may live to regret saying this, a Grand Slam seems on the cards. The remaining game that really has me worried is Wales. It's been an exciting six nations so far, the first weekend was something special with highlights being England smashing Scotland, 38-18 - and then the Italy-France game was great (for Italy) with a 23-18 win. France were not up to scratch, but there was a possibility they might snatch it back at the end.

In the second week, Scotland beat Italy and Wales beat France - with Ireland vs. England being a low scoring, but tense match in the slippery wet.

Today we have Italy vs Wales - I expect Wales to win, though I'll be hoping for an Italian win, as a strong Italy makes for a better competition, I tend to will Italy on whoever they play (except England, and will do so until they're contesting for the top slots, when I'll reassess).

Then, it's England vs. France. On current French form, I'm expecting an England win - but France will have had two weeks to build up a head of steam, and will come out strong hoping to avoid a whitewash. With that in mind, I have a nasty suspicion it'll be a lot closer than one might suspect. As long as England don't let it slip, a close game will be just the slap in the face needed to ensure that the Grand Slam is not taken for granted.

Tomorrow, it'll be Scotland vs. Ireland. I think Ireland will nab it here.

Right now, the table looks like this.

Team P W D L F A PTS
1 England 2 2 0 0 50 24 4
2 Scotland 2 1 0 1 52 48 2
3 Wales 2 1 0 1 38 36 2
4 Ireland 2 1 0 1 36 34 2
5 Italy 2 1 0 1 33 52 2
6 France 2 0 0 2 24 39 0
Table Built : 2013, February 23 (Saturday) at 10:02am GMT

By the end of tomorrow, I expect England to be on top, followed by Wales/Ireland (probably that order), then Scotland, then Italy with France in the wooden spoon slot.

I *hope* to see Italy move up in the rankings though. I *fear* that England might let it slip today and a determined France, eager to save face will nab the win.

I shall be on the edge of my seat!

Kick off today is 2:30pm for Italy/Wales, and the England/France game is 5pm.

In the women's six nations, the women have suffered their first defeat since 2009 (a 25-0 loss against Ireland), and they're currently third in the table behind Ireland and Italy. Coverage for England Women against France will be on the red button with kickoff at 7:20pm. It is at Twickenham, immediately after the Men's game if you're near Twickenham, the game is free to watch, the gates are open to all.