A Mini Christmas Marketing Suggestion

I am sick of hearing the same old songs on a loop. Thank goodness we're about to get out of that and into the interminable 'Sale' season. (Roll on February). I pity the poor shop workers, I'm amazed they don't go postal. With that in mind, here is a mini-suggestion for 2012. Some big chain, any big chain, could become a 'Christmas Free Zone' until, say Dec 7th. In the meantime they could run ads saying: 'You want Christmas presents? We've got Christmas presents. You want Tinsel? We've got Tinsel. We like Christmas - but we want to keep it special. We won't be playing Christmas music in our stores until Christmas is nearly upon us. Every little helps'. This could be done in a really tongue in cheek way.

Yes, this can be polished, but the store in question wins as it can still advertise its Christmas stuff, but it does so in a more subtle way, and without driving its punters and workers insane. It might attract shoppers wanting to shop without being hounded by festive music as soon as Halloween is done.

More than once in the past few months, I've left places due to the music grating on me, on one day I heard the same track in three stores in a row - and I couldn't take it any more.

At the end of october, or mid november, given a choice between a store playing Noddy Holder and a similar store NOT playing that, I know which I'd choose.