London Riots - Update on Friday 12th August

I hope this'll be my final post on the topic of 'The London Riots and the Tourist'. Throughout, the areas that have been affected are those which are unlikely to have been frequented by tourists unless they were visiting friends. It looks like things have subsided.

Arrests are being made, and people are being bound over by magistrates and sent to the crown courts.

Yes, the UK will have a lot of soul searching to do over the next few days, weeks and months - that said, someone landing from abroad will most likely not notice anything out of the ordinary (unless they look at the local news).

It will have looked bad, it was bad. The most difficult thing was understanding how quite so many people came out of the woodwork to behave with mass criminality. Although it was bad in many areas, these areas were relatively confined. The vast majority of the country was totally unaffected. Even in London, there were many, many areas which were not affected.

I know that if this had happened in another country, I'd think twice about going there due to my relative lack of information. Psychologically, I can totally understand how it is a difficult thing to step on the plane to the UK right now. That said, if I had friends coming to visit, I wouldn't suggest a postponement.

Of course, as with any criminality, there are no guarantees - the same is true if you visit any big city. Personally, I'm a lot happier roaming London than I would be in many other major cities. The things I'd be concerned about would be the usual 'big city' thing: pickpockets and generally being alert to your surroundings. Despite everything in the last week, it's a pretty safe place to be. If you've visited the UK in the last week, or are visiting soon, it'd be great if you could add a comment to give your experience.