Krytonite D-Lock

I recently acquired a new D-lock (or U-lock), my old 'masterlock' had failed with a key stuck un the lock (fortunately, not on the bike). I did contact masterlock - no response. I need a new lock to complement the AXA Defender for longer stops, and so decided to switch brands from masterlock - I went with a Kryptonite New York U-lock (Evans) (Wiggle).

The lock is currently attached to the bike rack at work. This is because that is far enough, and the lock heavy enough, that I don't want to be carrying the lock to and fro each time I commute in. The lock has a pretty sturdy looking keyhole cover to protect against the elements.

This does, however, mean that I don't have a U-lock for use near home. I could get a second one, but then I'd be forever using the wrong key - a minor annoyance, true, but still an annoyance it should be possible to avoid. Kryptonite do a 'keyed alike' service, a second lock made to fit the same key. Perfect, yes?


They will only post to addresses in the US and Canada. I understand that there might not be the volume for transatlantic sales to be worthwhile for a one-off, that said it's rather surprising that, given they sell the lock in the UK, there isn't a deal with one of the major retailers whereby they can put the 'keyed-alike' lock in with a regular shipment.

Great. Grr.

(Now, if there are any US'ians I know who are planning to come to the UK....)