Do You Know This Person?

There are several sites springing up to help catch the criminal yobs who are rioting. The first is the Met's flickr site, giving photos from Operation Withern, there's also the Met's website.

The next is Catch A Looter, which collates images collected from all over the web - although this would be better to filter some of the more general images, and only show those with a recognisable face.

There is also the long standing Crimestoppers, where information can be submitted anonymously (e.g. the twitter ID of someone boasting about their new riot acquired HDTV). This shouldn't be an incentive, but rewards are available for information leading to a charge. You can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 - or use their online form.

The met police have a twitter account. If you see someone boasting of their new 'riot acquired' HDTV, for goodness sake, don't tweet about it including @theirname - it will alert then to their stupid behaviour compounding their moronic behaviour and they'll delete the evidence. Take a screengrab and use another route (e.g. crimestoppers), but do pass it on, don't assume someone else will have done it. I'm sure the met would rather have several reports than none.

The website 'Zavilia' uses cloudsourcing to identify rioters - you are shown photos, and asked to identify. When several identifications match, details are passed to police. Manchester Police have launched their own version, identifyrioters (with links for the cities).

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