BBC Proms - Prom 59: Hooray for Hollywood

Royal Albert Hall - BBC Proms

Prom 59 was our last Prom of the 2011 season, and it was a trip to Hollywood.

The Proms goes to the movies with John Wilson and his Orchestra in a celebration of the Golden Age of Hollywood film musicals.

This was a pure joy, from the medley at the beginning to the 'Hooray for Hollywood' and 'There's no business like Show Business' encore - there really could have been further encores for this one (I was hoping for 'The Trolley Song'!)

In the room, there was a bit of a problem with the levels from the microphone for the singer on the early number - the singer was drowned out by the orchestra, but I hope that they'll be able to boost that for the recording.

There are some nice moments with the choir, and for me, 'Sit Down you're rocking the Boat' was a highlight - though it did jar that in 'Top Hat' (I'm... putting on my Top Hat... doing up my white tie... polishing my tails...) that the singer had black tie. Silly things sometimes.

The programme was live on BBC Radio 3 (and will be on iplayer for 7 days). It will be on TV, BBC2, on the 3rd September