London 2012 Tickets


So, our application for the London 2012 tickets went in with days to spare, and I'm now waiting to see how much money they'll take out of my account. They have been making debits since the 16th, but no money has left our account yet. Curious.

So, why didn't they just make all the debits on day one? I can only assume that they're doing it in stages so that if there are problems with payments, they can re-allocate tickets to applicants who are debitted later, in that way, there is a higher allocation rate. This is pretty sensible.

HOWEVER, it'll only be after the money goes out that people will be told what tickets they have. It's all a little back to front.

The same goes for the treatment of volunteers. I volunteered to help in the games, I've a chunk of time free when they're on, so why not? Unfortunately, they scheduled things so I'd have to make a ticketing decision before the volunteering process has been sorted. I know they've had a lot of volunteerss, but this is a situation which is highly undesirable, and I feel pretty messed around by it. I'm being told that the applications won't all be processed until Feb 2012.

Why didn't they start processing volunteer applicants much earlier? They knew they'd need them. Ask for more than are needed to allow for dropouts, and then, when the volunteer army is in place, start to sell tickets? If they had hoped to process volunteers within a couple of months and have been overwhelmed by demand, communicate that to the volunteers.

As it is, all the while ticket applications have been going on, I've heard nothing from London 2012 about the progress of my volunteering application, not even an automated email saying where I am in the queue. As someone who was raising a hand to do thema favour, it feels pretty shoddy. I wasn't expecting personal attention, but not to even get an automated status update is poor treatment - especially when coupled with the ticketing conflict.

So as it is, do volunteers apply for tickets to avoid being out of pocket - or do they not apply for tickets and then find they're not needed as a volunteer? On top of this, they'd like ten days of volunteering, but not knowing the dates exactly, a volunteer might have got a ticket for an event within that window. There has been no indication of flexibility with dates.

As it stands, if I get certain key tickets, then I will be withdrawing my application. It'll save everyone time and bother. I just hope there is the opportunity to accurately express my reasons for the withdrawal.

I can only assume that they're doing it the way they are as a way to naturally thin out the herd of applications to process.