Who dreams?

Last night, I had a very vivid dream about an episode of Doctor Who.... We see McCoy shot, straight from the TV movie (McCoy later becomes McGann). Time passes.

Some time later. McGann returns, having had his adventure.

Matt Smith materialises in New York. He says to Amy 'I have to leave a warning. The Time Lords. The Time War. The silence. I understand it all now'. Races to McGann's tardis.

He slips a note behind the Tardis sign, so it just peeks out.

Tennant appears. 'I thought I'd find you here, so, you're my successor are you?' Smith looks confused. 'I don't remember me being here before'. 'Wibbly wobbly' says Tennant. 'Timey Wimey' says Davison appearing stage left. Tennant and Smith look shocked.

McGann opens the door... 'what's this....noise?' - he looks at Davison, Davison smiles.

Smith. 'Ah. Let me explain. Paradoxes are cool....'

Then I woke up.