Questionable Content

The answer to another University Challenge question, Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques 'that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.'

I discovered QC through University Challenge, and worked my way through the archives to get up to date.

QC's art has evolved markedly over the years (which is made all the more obvious if you go back through the archives and get up to date a month at a time - in the early days, Jeph would comment frequently on the process of drawing). Then, all of a sudden, Jeph found his style and the artwork settled down at a high standard.

It's a contemporary strip, though there are anthro-PCs, which have similar functionality to today's OC, except in sentient robot form (it works, all right? The anthro-PCs are like loyal dogs, who can talk and have little sense of personal space)

The strip centres around a Dora, Faye and Marten (with their anthro-PC called pintsize). Dora is Faye's boss in a coffee shop, and they have an gently abusive approach to customer services and each other, which I like. Marten and Faye flatshare.

The cast has expanded - perhaps a little too far (sometimes it can be hard to keep track) - to include others, such as the fabulously neurotic Hannelore.

There has recently been a 'mirror image' of the coffee shop introduced, with yet more characters, a bakery - containing similar characters - something that has been noted within the script.

It's a strip worth giving a go to, but it's one that does have a fair amount of back-story. That said, this usually won't be a problem and back links are often provided - and you could always read through from the start!