Exam Results

The results are in for A200: Medieval to Modern (1400-1900), and they're as bad as I had feared they would be. I narrowly missed a grade 3 pass. That's the optimistic way of putting 'I got a grade 4'. This is much lower than the ongoing assessment, a high grade 2. Its not too surprising given that:

  1. This was something for which I was struggling to find the time.
  2. I was dramatically unprepared
  3. I am operating far outside my comfort zone of physics/maths
  4. Given the breadth of the course, and how 'foreign' it is to me, I would have needed a lot more preparation time to have made a difference.

That does feel like mealy mouthed excused making, it is very disappointing. I thought I'd done better. Looking at the breakdown, two of the questions fell below the 'pass' level. For one of them, fair enough, but the other seems harsh. This means that the two questions which did score well were on the verge of grade 1.

Ah well. Could have been better, I know - but it could have been lots worse.....

.....and how many historians would make a decent fist of a physics course whilst doing their day job, I wonder?

As you may gather, I'm now in the 'trying to rationalise' phase of things - I'm not used to getting what is (for me) a low score like this.