Wish Lists

Time for the cheeky link to my wishlists (it's my birthday as well as christmas). Firstly my general list. It's several pages long usually (see the links at the bottom to go the the next pages). This contains a range of things from printer toner (yes, it may be boring to you, but it's damned useful) to a boxed set of 'The Wire'. There are multiple seasons of some shows on the list I'd rather get season 2 of something after season 1 - so if both are on the list, the earlier is preferred. I'm a little completist, so it looks as if I lurve 'er' and similar. Not really, it's just that you can't watch later seasons without the earlier ones, can you? I've given some indication of the desirability with the 'priority' on each item.

My second list is purely of Doctor Who DVDs, and this list was created from this list of releases. Here, I'm working through from earlier to later doctors. The earliest release on this list is 'War Games', Troughton's last story, then it's onto Pertwee and Tom Baker.

I like watching cycling, especially 'The Tour de France', so I moved related things to my 'Tour de France' list. This is a list to 'pick at'. I wouldn't want too much from this list in one go as it's all a bit 'samey'.

So there you go. To answer the perennial question. If it's on the lists. I don't have it, and I would like to have it. If it's not on the list, I might like it, I might not, and I might already have it. It might be more of a surprise, but it may be a duplicate. Them's the risks!

The other half's wishlist is here (though very empty right now, she needs to update it).