Women's Rugby World Cup

Women's Rugby World Cup

The Women's Rugby World Cup starts today. Launch Photo for the Women's Rugby World Cup

Format It takes place over five days. Day 1 is today, Friday 20th August. Day 2 is Tuesday next week, Day 3 is a week saturday. These are the pool games and are all played at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. Following that, on the 1st September is the semi final, and the final is on the 5th September. These games are played at the Stoop (with playoffs at Guildford).


Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
Australia England Canada
New Zealand Ireland France
South Africa Kazakhstan Scotland
Wales USA Sweden


12:00 Pool C Canada - Scotland Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 2), Guildford
14:00 Pool A Wales - Australia Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 1), Guildford
14:15 Pool B USA - Kazakhstan Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 2), Guildford
16:15 Pool A New Zealand - South Africa Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 1), Guildford
16:30 Pool C France - Sweden Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 2), Guildford
18:30 Pool B England - Ireland Surrey Sports Park (Pitch 1), Guildford


This isn't the first World Cup I've been to, but it's the first Women's World Cup - and the first World Cup at which I'll attend virtually every match - at least, every match which doesn't clash.

My plan for the day

  • I'll watch Canada vs Scotland as a neutral
  • I'll probably go for USA vs Kazakhstan next. USA should be pretty good, so I'll support Kazakhstan
  • Then it has to be New Zealand vs South Africa. As much as I hate to go with the favourites, I'll be supporting the Black Ferns... until they do something underhand, or RSA does something awesome, and then I'll switch
  • England vs. Ireland is the finale. It has to be England, obviously. England have done rather well in the Women's Six Nations in recent years, so they look to be the favourite here