Scenes from a Multiverse

Scenes from a Multiverse is a relatively new webcomic from Jon Rosenberg. The basic premise is that each day, a strip is presented from a different universe, and each week people vote on their favourites. The winner would get a repeat the following week. After a certain number of wins, that universe would get a weekly run over a long period.

The strip about Sciencemaster Adler was voted week after week, beating some (for me) better competiton along the way. Perhaps it was something to do with Adler being presented on voting day, perhaps it was as people wanted to lock him in for the long term, and perhaps people simply preferred him - either way I was sad not to see more of the Redundancy Zones, the Donkeydrome or the Heisenphron orbital.

It seems that the author felt that the rules were distorting things too much, so the rules have now been changed to try and prevent the rules unduly affecting the voting. Now a strip voted week after week will get a continuous week of strips before being retired.

It's an interesting concept with some suitably geeky humour.