Behind with studies - A200

As you may be aware, I'm doing an OU course entitled 'Exploring History: Medieval to Modern, 1400-1900'. Since about April, I've been a week behind, and this has now increased. My assignment (or TMA) was due on friday last week, I'm about 3½ weeks behind in the course and ½ a week away from the bit where the tutor said 'get to here and write the TMA (which is 2 units before it's scheduled). I.e. I'm on Unit 14, I should be on Unit 18, the TMA is scheduled to take place after unit 16, but the tutor says it can be done before unit 15. Fortunately, my tutor said a short delay was okay.

I want to do well, I want to catch up - but I could do with gaps in the schedule, please OU. You built in a gap for easter, that was nice, but can we have another gap at the 70% done point please? I'd happily have the course one week longer to pay for it, with the extra week on the start of the course. I know there are study weeks, but these are scheduled for TMAs, not quite the same thing. Playing continual catchup isn't fun! At the very least, post all the resources out a lot earlier so a 'time bank' can be built up! With presentations moving to October starts, I think I'll be on hiatus, I don't want to go straight from one course to another.

Right now, I've got some time, so I should be able to catch up - however, I've also got quite a few things to do for work, so it's still uncertain. Fingers crossed I can get TMA05 in on time. TMA04 is still to do - and still very scary. Okay, internet. Stop being distracting. I'm off to think about the slave trade, once I've made a cup of tea.....