The Lodger

This post will contain spoilers for the eleventh Matt Smith episode, The Lodger. Individual parts of the episode were good, there were some lovely character pieces, but overall I thought this was a bit of a mess. The first half or so was fine and overall it had some good character pieces. I liked the little observations the Doctor misunderstanding social niceties such as 'just shout', and air kissing - but getting them just a little bit wrong. I did enjoy the response of the doctor to 'annihilating' the team next week.

The most surprising part of the episode for me was that James Corden put in a decent performance, which surprised me to be honest.

However the whole thing was confused and confusing, the resolution was all a little 'deux ex machina' without any real explanation.

[spoiler]Eventually we got to the 'Mock Up Tardis' upstairs, which needs a pilot who wants to travel. Humans won't do, Time Lords would blow the planet up, a human who doesn't want to travel shuts the thing down and makes it go away (which it couldn't do before). Okayyyyy.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Where did this ship come from? Why is nobody even wondering about that - 'somebody' is trying to build a Tardis?[/spoiler]

This uncoordinated Doctor is another Pele? How indulgent. The Doctor is somehow able to transfer specific information via head butt? Rather conveniently he's never doing that again.

[spoiler]... and we also find out that the Tardis controls are sensitive to where you're standing?[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The episode finishes with a really obvious 'crack' shot, and Amy discovering the ring that Rory (who no longer ever existed) left in the Tardis, and which should no longer be there.[/spoiler]