The Hungry Earth

This post will contain spoilers for the eighth Matt Smith episode of Dr. Who I wasn't too sure about this episode. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure why. Nothing struck me as 'great', but at the same time, nothing beat me about the head as 'awful'.

There was an [spoiler]odd scene with future Rory and Amy waving at the Tardis[/spoiler]. I'm not at all sure why that was in there. According to 'confidential' it led to a later conversation saying [spoiler]'so we're okay in the end', and the Doctor talking about time being flexible - but that was cut. Why didn't it lead to the future Rory and Amy being cut as well? Does it serve some other purpose (e.g. returning to the Tardis at the end of episode nine and seeing future Rory/Amy, who had been having a picnic on the hillside, fade in a Marty McFly way?) [/spoiler]

I don't think so - personally, I think it will just be left 'hanging'.

The episode made a point of [spoiler]highlighting a character with dyslexia - the Doctor saying 'That's okay, I can't make meringue'. It was a bit heavy handed,[/spoiler] but that bit was aimed squarely at the kiddy audience, so I'll forgive that.

The [spoiler]'Earth Attacking' was all a bit mumbo-jumbo for my tastes - forgivable. I'd rather have had the silurians grabbing people's legs![/spoiler]

The [spoiler]silurians themselves were substantially different from those met in Pertwee's era. They can't really use the dodge that they've evolved - not enough time has elapsed on Earth. Perhaps there'll be a throwaway line that they've been using genetic selection. Perhaps it is just that the lady silurians are more human-like than the gentlemen silurians?[/spoiler]

I'm not at all sure about the cliffhanger at the end. [spoiler]The reveal of the big city seemed rather obvious. I'd have reversed the order of the edit, and had the city reveal before the scene with Amy being strapped down. Finish on the advancing scalpel, cut to credits.[/spoiler] Boom, baby!

Overall, it was a solid episode, but there was little which stood out (but I did like the [spoiler]classic feel of that advancing scalpel![/spoiler])

Final Score: 3/5