Iron Man 2

Last week we went to see 'Iron Man 2'. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It didn't pretend to be highbrow, but it was damned good fun. I like the direction Marvel's taking in their movies, knitting all the films together - with Iron Man references through the Hulk film, with Sam Jackson appearing at the end of the first Iron man film. This trend continues here.

There is a references (fairly obvious) to Captain America, Marvel's 2012 film, as well as continuing references to 'The Avengers' (also 2012). There is the now traditional post-credit sequence (which on my showing was seen by us and three chinese ladies - everyone else had gone). That post-credit sequence gave me a grin - it was simple and effective.

'Thor' is the 2011 Marvel film, and 2012 should go gangbusters!

I'm hoping Captain America will be a period piece, ending with Cap'n being 'frozen' and hence being available for 'Avengers'.

I would like the movie franchise to go in the direction of the excellent 'Civil War' for Avengers 2, setting the stage for a 'Dark' Iron Man 3.