Flesh and Blood

Hello, Sweeties! Flesh and Blood is the fifth episode of Matt Smith's tennacy. This post will contain spoilers.

Though I did enjoy the episode, it did have several problems for me.

  • I thought the opening was rather weak - [spoiler]they'd reversed gravity (okay) and ended up on the ship (okay) - but to get there they 'fell' a good 100metres or so in Earthlike gravity. Squish![/spoiler]
  • I objected that with so many angels [spoiler]they'd quantum lock each other - but allowed that in the cave it'd be so dark that there was a 'get out' clause. However, at one point they were moving in full brightness, and with that many at least a few of them will have seen the others![/spoiler] This weakens the excellent 'Blink'.
  • Why were they [spoiler]snapping necks rather than using the method seen in 'Blink'[/spoiler]?
  • The [spoiler]'Crack' wasn't very satisfying as a solution here - though it does provide a reset button for anything Moffat doesn't want to live with (e.g. the Cyber King)[/spoiler]
  • Amy's behaviour in the final scene - it may have been in keeping with the character, but, [spoiler]I'm sorry, 'Who' shouldn't be a soap opera about who fancies Who.[/spoiler] (See what I did there?) That said, [spoiler]River is the honourable exception as that's playing with Timey-Wimey-ness[/spoiler], and so is much more 'in keeping with the show.

There are others, but these are the main points.

I am liking [spoiler]River's character, and like that they're going to keep mixing up the order of appearances for her. What we learn about her here appears to contradict things from her previous appearance, but people change over a lifetime, and are more complex than can be gathered from a short meeting - so this doesn't bother me[/spoiler]. I do hope that they've plotted out [spoiler]her trajectory carefully and that it's not being made up as they go. I also hope that they 'reveal all' within a season or two. Two really. I think this season would be too soon, but to go to three seasons would begin to risk that real life may intervene with the availability of Alex Kingston. Of course, even if the twists of who she is are revealed, that would not, at least in principle, preclude her from appearing in later seasons[/spoiler].

[spoiler]She killed a man, eh? A good man... Hmm, I wonder Who. Does she prompt a regeneration[/spoiler]?