So, it's a guilty pleasure, but I've been watching 'Over the Rainbow', that BBC 1, saturday night festival of Camp. It's been good fun, but tonight we're down to the final three. Lauren, Sophie and Danielle. My favourite, Steph Fearon, was voted out last week.

The final three are all are very talented, and would make a good job, but who is best suited for the role?

For me, it has to be Danielle. She just 'fits' the best from the remaining potentials. She's got those Judy Garland looks (which, as much as I hate to admit it, are important) and can act her little ruby slippers off.

Lauren is great, but for Dorothy she's paradoxically too polished. That's a silly thing to say, I know, but there it is. Anyone looking at #dorothy on twitter on a saturday will know she's not the most popular of the three. Lauren would be very good for a different show. I can picture her being spectacular in something like 'Chicago'.

Sophie is excellent, though she keeps putting me in mind of Karen Gillam who plays Amy in Dr. Who, very similar expressions and both red-heads. It's the proximity of the two shows on BBC1.

The other week I was rather annoyed when her father said that 'The People of Wales had let her down'. This should not be a national vote, but a vote for the part. This isn't her fault, though.

I'd be happy to see Sophie as Dorothy if Danielle wasn't still in the competition. As with Lauren, however, I can picture Sophie elsewhere. She'd be a good fit for 'Avenue Q', she's got just the right comic touches for Kate Monster/Lucy, and with a colour change for her hair, I can imagine her as 'Sandy' in Grease.

My best guess for tonight is Danielle, though throughout I've had a poor record. In the previous series I had Jodie Prenger picked from Day 1, but this time, no. My first pick didn't make the final ten, then Steph Fearon came to the fore, but she didn't survive past the final four (I suspect because people are mistaken that everyone working on farms in 1930s kansas were white). If Steph isn't snapped up for some production, I'll be surprised, that girl was really an all rounder, and she didn't survive, I think, mostly due to her not being a 'Judy-Garland-a-like'. From the other Dorothy Potentials that have left, Jess stands out - she'd be great in something like 'We Will Rock You' or 'Avenue Q'. Bronte seemed made for something like 'Legally Blonde'.

So there you go, I think it's Danielle - but I wouldn't be shocked by the selection of any of the remaining three.

Worryingly, I've just realised that I'm old enough to legally be the father of two of the remaining contestants. Crikey, these things creep up on you, don't they?