Weekend polling data in the 2010 election

The Poll of Polls now show the Tories on 33% with Lib Dem and Labour on 29%. One poll shows Labour in third place. Latest polls from the BBC

I plugged this into the BBC seat calculator, and with our ever-entertaining First Past the Post system, this gives Labour the most seats in parliament, followed by the Conservatives, with the Lib Dems coming into a poor third.

BBC Seat Calculator

What a farce of a system that is! One can argue the merits of proportionality, but a voting system which changes the ultimate ranking of the parties being voted for truly is broken.

The reason for this is that Labour seats tend to be held with small majorities, Conservative with large majorities, and Lib Dem with very large majorities. Once you've got more votes than anyone else, an extra vote doesn't translate to an extra seat.