The Time of Angels

Hello, Sweeties! The Time of Angels is the fourth episode of Matt Smith's tenancy, and the first which was filmed. This post will contain spoilers.

What an episode! This was a straight 5/5 for me.

Matt Smith meets [spoiler]River Song for the second time, though for her she has met him many times (and she has yet to visit 'The Library'). This is an (supposedly) younger and tougher River Song. I loved the 'timey-wimey' nature of all this, it would have been so easy to have met River for the first time, and leave the Doctor with the advantage[/spoiler]. I'm so glad this wasn't done.

The opening premise of [spoiler]the Gallifreyan on the homing box was fun, but a bit of a leap for River to bet her life on[/spoiler] - I'm choosing to stretch credibility here.

The episode flew by, when the ending came, it seemed far too soon. It just didn't feel like we were building to the titles, but that this was but one beat in the story.

There are questions to answer. [spoiler]Why are the 'solder angels' killing people by snapping their necks instead of stealing their time? In 'Blink', the Weeping Angels were defeated by having them look upon each other. With so many Angels around, why do they not Quantum-lock each other? Who taught River to drive?[/spoiler] The Doctor was 'busy' that day. [spoiler]What is in River's past that she wants to keep from the Doctor? Why is Amy so knowing of how the Doctor is addressed? [/spoiler]

That last point could be addressed as though [spoiler]the duration of her contact with the Doctor is limited, she has known him a long time and will have given him characteristics in her imagination.[/spoiler] It'd be interesting if this were the case, as she could sometimes be way off. [spoiler]This could be due to the crack[/spoiler], or it could be simply an oversight.

The Beeb put a bright yellow animated Graham Norton over the Dr Who finaleI was really annoyed when, in the climatic ending, on a visually dark screen, a bright yellow animated Graham Norton appeared advertising 'Over the Rainbow'. Now, for my sins, I like that show - but please, BBC, let's not go down the American road of spoiling every programme by advertising the next. It's bad enough that you squash the end credits up. I know Sky do it, but that isn't a recommendation. Of course, Charlie Brooker has a recommendation for the BBC (his employer). This ad was annoying enough that I complained to Auntie Beeb, if you feel similarly, please do follow suit with this handy link. This is a horrible piece of Americana which is becoming more common in the UK. It is something up with which we should not put! Den of Geek comments on Norton.

As an aside: I submitted pieces which appeared in both episode 5 and episode 6 of The Dr Who Podcast - I'll be doing the same for 'The Time of Angels'.