The Eleventh Hour


Just what the doctor ordered. David Who? Matt Smith has taken over as the Doctor, and I loved it! I loved the new episode of Doctor Who, Matt Smith fitted in to the role perfectly, with an air of classic who along with continuity with David Tennant.

I didn't like the big eyeball thing, but apart from that, great.

Marty, formerly of the Dr. Who Online podcast, has made a quick review on the Two Minute Timelord.

I wasn't keen on the mobile phone virus, too 'Independence Day', or the new theme tune. I'm also a little concerned that Amy 'has to be back for the morning' - I saw the reason before the reveal of the dress. I really don't want the series to be tied to 'home'. These concerns was far outweighed by everything else.

Amy Pond was well introduced, just the right level of sassiness (in both versions of her persona), and Matt Smith was excellent as the Doctor - I was unsure in the food sequence, but it just worked.

I'm hopeful that the Tardis has become broken in the crash, I liked in the classic series that the Doctor did not have full control of the Tardis. Ecclestone and Tennant had far too much fine control for my liking, but in this episode it seemed that Smith could control space, but not time - 5 minutes became 12 years, for instance. This gives some hope that a soap opera of Amy's home life can be avoided.

The characterisation of the doctor was really good - slightly manic and other-worldly. There is believable continuity from Tennant ('new teeth'/'new mouth'), from Tom Baker (slightly alien), from Colin Baker (slightly abrasive) and from Patrick Troughton (the professorial aloofness - not the best description).

I did spend part of the episode enjoying the short dress, but at the same time complaining about what had happened to the police uniform. It seemed like a cheap thing to do - but then the reason, the obvious reason, was revealed, and it was all okay. Kissogram!

Overall, there's continuity and yet there is the new twist and combination. There is a high standard now for the rest of the series; this was a great start.

One thing I missed, I wanted to see a sense of 'age' - an old mind in a young body. I hope still to see that.

I did have hopes for a big giant Doctor's head in the title sequence, something sadly lacking from the reboot - but it wasn't to be.

All in all, I thought it was a great start to the series. The Doctor is Dead, Long live the Doctor. Still unsure about the theme tune remix though.

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