Spammers and Scammers

Even though I don't get many comments (*sniff*) I know how many readers out there from the server and feed stats. Unfortunately I also know that I spend some time each day removing spammed comments from the filters. These come in two types, there's the "I don't agree 100% with what you say, but you have made a valid point, I shall have to consider this some more - meanwhile, buy some viagra" type of comment. There's also the "I'm going to take your content, and republish it and/or link to it, hoping you'll automatically give a reciprocal link to my site" type.

Both types do not survive, the links rarely make it onto the live site, and the net result is that some of my time is wasted for no real gain by the spammer.

I know that the chances of a real spammer noting this and taking this site off of whatever list it's on is marginal - but I felt like going 'grr'. Please forgive.

There is one site in particular, which publishes loads of excerpts from here. There are links back (which is good, I suppose) - but the net effect is that I see loads of trackback links and have to clear out of the filters. I'm not going to link back to something which is essentially the same post that I wrote!

I can't work out why they're doing this - there's no obvious ads on the site. Possibly it's someone who just wanted a site without the hassle of doing their own content. If it was an occasional thing, e.g. a google reader 'share', fair enough - but it seems to be a systematic use of any post on a particular topic with little discernment. Syndication like that may not be too bad, but if automatically republishing, it is nice to ask. I might have said yes. Right now? The answer is No. Stop it.