Latest Polls following the first debate

The first real poll results following the first debate are in, and show an incredible surge in Lib Dem support.

A Sun newspaper poll, carried out after the TV debate, suggests Labour are in third place on 28%, with the Lib Dems on 30% and the Conservatives 33%.

Applying the figures from The Sun poll, which came from a YouGov survey of 1,290 people, to the BBC News website's election seat calculator, results in the following: Labour 276 seats; Conservatives 245 seats; Lib Dems 100 seats; Others 29 seats.

Put aside whether this poll is 'real' or not, but look at the outcome it'd give. Truly, this is a broken system - when a third place party can get more seats than any other party, something is wrong. I'm not an advocate for true proportionality for various reasons, my preference is STV, but this is just a perverse outcome.

First Poll Results following Debate One