Kick Ass

I know the film 'Kick Ass' has been out for a while, but I only got to see it last night. I was away from home, and two minutes from a cinema, so why not? I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was simply awesome. The basic premise (revealed in the first seconds of the film) is 'In a world of comic books, why has nobody ever tried it for real?'.

In the film, people do try to be a hero.

Go. See this film. 'Hit Girl' was awesome. Predicting what the Daily Mail would say I thought I'd check it out, and I wasn't disappointed: Don't be fooled by the hype: This crime against cinema is twisted, cynical, and revels in the abuse of childhood - yep, it does that. With regard to 'Hit Girl', the article says 'Oh, and one of the male teenage characters acknowledges that he's attracted to her' - yes he does - and his friend pulls him up on that in the very next line.

It was not to be taken in that way. 'Hit Girl' is 'Hit Girl' for a reason which rivals 'The Bride' in Pulp Fiction - if you really want to look for depth, it's about childhood lost.

I'm not going to argue with the daily mail, who's got the energy? Except to say, they hated it, so it can't be all bad.

Three key comments on the Mail article - Mike from Glamorgan said:

Seriously, get a grip. The film is fantastic. The Hit-Girl character is 11. The film ratings are designed so children of this age should not see the film. Therefore, only the kids who have parents who are irresponsible enough not to check up on the film are going to be watching this film. Of course some will slip through the cracks as always, but my 8 year old brother (die hard superhero fan) has seen the (clean) trailers, expressed an interest in seeing the film and I have already told him he won't be seeing it. Yes, the film is crude and violent in places, but it is also extremely fun for the (age appropriate) audiences. As for the 'sexualizing' of Hit-Girl, her standard costume looks like a character from kid's show Lazy Town.

and tbrookside, a commenter from the USA, said:

I'm glad you wrote this, because otherwise I might not have seen this film. But you have done more to make sure I'll see it than their entire marketing campaign. How could I stay away, after an article like this?

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Someone called Lydia said:

Kick-Ass is actually a very intelligent and different take at what we would normally consider to be a 'comic book' film. It actually mocks Spiderman and other typical films of the same genre - it's Hollywood rubbish like Fantastic 4 and Daredevil that just make most of us want to gouge out our eyes and then feed them to ninja sharks.

In short, I came out of this film, not having enjoyed a film so much in ages. It's a straight 5/5, and the blockbusters this year will have their work cut out to beat it. I agree with the mail inasmuch as *on paper* its not wholesome and pure, but damn, is it fun!

I got so much joy from Nick Cage doing 'the voice' when in costume, from Hit Girl's awesomeness, and from 'Red Mist's' first meeting with 'Kick Ass'.

I know my wife, a gentle soul by nature, would love it too.

She may be gentle, and she may go faint if I cut my finger, but she sat with snickering with glee at the opening of 'Gladiator'.

She'd love this.