Geronimo! (I'm going to hate that)

So, the New Doctor gets his first proper outing tonight. Previously I posted my wishlist

  1. I really don't want him to be shouting 'geronimo' all the time.
  2. I would like him to appear young, but be old. I don't think I'm getting that judging from the trailers.
  3. I'd like more involved storylines, without the deux ex-machine endings. I might get that with Stephen Moffat as show-runner. My favourite episode of the Tennant era being 'Blink' (the one with Sally Sparrow)
  4. I could quite happily do without the "will they/won't they" love-in between doctor and assistant. The answer is: No, no they won't. He's an alien.
  5. Can we get Sally Sparrow back?
  6. Did I mention the 'geronimo' thing?
  7. I'd really like a story arc - more than a narrative laid impossibly on top of the villain of the week. I know there is no way we'll see an extended storyline as in the past - but something lasting three weeks would be nice
  8. Please, please: don't tie the series to modern day earth. You've got all of time and space, use it!
  9. Mostly, I would things to be not immediately obvious - but work-outable, and with less use of the sonic screwdriver as a magic wand.

From the trailers, it looks like we'll return to the Weeping Angels of 'Blink' - I've mixed feelings about that, I hope the new episode lives up to the excellence of the first - as for the rest of it. We shall see....

I'm quite optimistic about the new run. There is quite a Troughton feel about the new doctor's get-up, which bodes well - I haven't seen much Troughton, but what I've seen, I liked. With Moffat as the showrunner, I'm hoping he'll dial it back a notch when it comes to the big spectaculars.

Time will tell. (Ahem!)