BBC Seat Calculator

Back in 2005, the BBC had a seat calculator which showed the predicted breakdown in the westminster election for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - but not England. Given that this was a Westminster calculator, this was an oversight, and one I emailed them about at the time, receiving this response.

In 2005, I pointed out that "your excellent ’seats predictor’ has subdivisions of the UK offered. These are Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Unless I’ve read it incorrectly, the subdivisions all relate to the Westminster vote and not to the Scottish parliament, welsh assembly etc. Why is England not represented seperately as well in this case?"

You said that: "as in other areas of our election and general political coverage, decided to give priority to parts of the UK with a representative institution - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and of course the whole of the UK.

However, we have already decided we need to review this decision should we use the seat calculator again"

I do hope that you reintroduce the seat calculator in 2010, and that you're good to your word regarding revisiting this decision.

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