7TeV collisions today?

At CERN today, they are attempting to collide beams at 7TeV for the first time. As I started this post they just had to dump beam 2 as it wasn't behaving as they wished. This was due to a power supply glitch. It'll take at least 30-40 minutes to inject and ramp up a new beam to the appropriate energy once the problem is fixed.

They've now injected two beams, the beams are looking good and at just before noon CEST, 11:00am BST or 10:00am UCT they've started to ramp up the beams - as I post the beams are up to 901GeV (and rising)

Data from the Large Hadron Collider

(They'd got to 1.4TeV by the time I'd arranged that screenshot!)

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Though the LHC may not be as televisual as 'Man on the Moon', make no mistake, in terms of engineering endeavour, it's right up there, and probably would rate as a more challenging target.